16m Garage Freight Elevator Car Cargo Lift with Fast Speed Elevator

16m Garage Freight Elevator Car Cargo Lift with Fast Speed Elevator

Solution Description

The guidebook rail kind hydraulic lifting system is a kind of non scissor type hydraulic lifting cargo elevator. The item is mostly utilized for transporting and transporting items up and down in industrial workshops, dining establishments, logistics warehouses, automobile 4S retailers and other spots, as nicely as automobile lifting between flooring of underground garage. The hydraulic system of the tools is outfitted with anti slipping and interactive interlocking features of higher and reduce doors. Operation buttons can be set on each ground and the working table of the elevator to comprehend multi-stage control and achieve safe use.


Item specifics
The tools adopts 380V three-phase energy, steady voltage and ample electricity. The loading potential ranges from 1t to 30t. The desk dimensions is CZPT in accordance to the products transported and on-site set up, and the elevation is one-20m. The widespread methods of landing door include one particular-way entry, via obtain, ninety diploma access and three-way obtain. It is decided according to the site installation environment and buyer specifications.



Merchandise Parameter


Modle Tuhe-3 Tuhe-five Tuhe-ten Tuhe-twenty
Lifting Height 3m 5m 10m 20m
Loading Capacity 1ton 3tons 4tons 5tons
System Size 1500*1300mm 2000*300mm 1500*3000mm 3000*5500mm
Lifting method CZPT  Lift Technique
CZPTized help Lifting height, Loading potential, Platform size

Business Prolife

HangCZPT Tuhe Weighty Sector CO.,Ltd is a large-scale skilled and standardized equipment production company integrating R&D, production and sales. The firm has automatic chopping tools, automated welding gear, shot blasting line, spraying line, welding robot and other modernizations. Manufacturing equipment. The leading product aluminum alloy lifting platform employs higher-toughness aluminum alloy profiles, with stunning visual appeal, modest dimension, gentle weight, lifting balance, protected and reputable, mobile traction with human traction, five-wheel auxiliary walking, lifting electrical power layout, AC Lifting (220V for civilian use), DC lifting (battery DC lifting solves the problem of no external electricity provide), AC and DC dual-use lifting (supplying energy resources for distinct environments), manual lifting (particular use environments this kind of as chemical manufacturing units, gas stations) Etc.





16m Garage Freight Elevator Car Cargo Lift with Fast Speed Elevator