Amphibious Excavator Cat 320d with Undercarriage Pontoon

Amphibious Excavator Cat 320d with Undercarriage Pontoon

We UNION mainly produce 6Ton to 50Ton amphibious excavator. According to your requests, we could assemble different makes and model excavator upper parts, like PC200, HITACHI ZX210, DH215, EX120,CAT315…. Also, if you have crawler excavator (New or Utilised) , we can only make amphibious undercarriage (Pontoon Undercarriage) for you. CZPTly want could have chances to do businss with you and welcome you to check out our factory!



1.Deepening of canal, river channel and river mouth

two.Swamp land clearing at mining spot, plantation and forest

three.Creating bund for flood prevention and land reclamation

four.Constructing bund wall for fish and shimp ponds and salt producing market

five.Sludge clearing of lakes, ponds and h2o reservoir

6.Digging trenches for oil and gas piping set up

seven.Transporting and clearing landslide and flood strike location

8.Swamps and wetlands construction

nine.Street design by means of wetlands.


Product Doosan
Sort Six-cylinder, mechanical injection, turbocharged, water cooled
Rated electrical power 106.5kw
Rated velocity 2050rpm
Main CZPT Specification
Running weight 30000kg
CZPT bucket ability .9m3
Slewing speed 11rpm
Adhere digging pressure 97.64KN
Bucket digging drive 122.85KN
CZPT System
Major pump Kawasaki
Main valve Kawasaki
Motor Korea
CZPT pressure 32Mpa
Traveling Method
Touring pace ~five.4Km/h
Grade capacity 65%
Floor strain .014Mpa
General size 11200mm
Overall width 5350mm
All round peak 3900mm
Ground clearance 1192mm
Rear-finish duration/Slewing radius 2801mm
Width of pontoon 1700mm
Size of pontoon 8500mm
Height of pontoon 1800mm
Running Scope
Adhere duration 2900mm
A: Max slicing peak 1571mm
B: Max dumping height 7810mm
C: Max digging depth 5704mm
D: Max attain 19900mm


Dimensions ( UCM200FT ) mm
A Track length 9000
B Ground contact length of tracks 5200
C Tail swing radius 2750
D Overall length 11200
E Overall height (to the top of arm) 3880
F Ground clearance of counter weight 2571
H Overall width 4940
I Track gauge 3440
J Track width 1500
K Ground clearance 1140
L Track height 1840
M Overall height (to the top of cab) 3870
N Width of the top part 2710 

Information for manufacture

Packing and shipping and delivery


Q: How to install ?
A: one., a floating box landing, the two by way of the tube into the floating box hole, inserted in the aspect of the tube, a piece of wood pad, so that the lateral tilt
2. fall another pontoon and level it by way of two tubes
3. right after the tube is inserted, the tube is fixed by the bolt
4.. Enlarge the plate to the tank and use the U card to correct it
5., the upper element of the excavator hoist, put on the market, with vast eyes on the Qi, tighten the screws
six. join the hydraulic oil pipe, join the oil pipe of the motor on the float box to the excavator

Q:How to run?
A : 1., prohibit the procedure of far more than one.six meters water depth, silt is not minimal to depth
two., prohibited in the uneven, the remaining and proper sides of the floating box, the target of great disparity in the situation, going for walks operations
3. amphibious excavators use slow equipment while walking, and do not use quick equipment
four., start the strolling state, the first action on the foot of the throttle, and then walk
5. do not press tough objects although walking
six. steer clear of prolonged walking on the hard surface area
7. when turning, the entrance of the floating physique can be lifted by the energy of the bucket, and when the angle is shifted, the working of the chain plate can be prevented, and the derailment of the chain plate can be prevented

Q: How to preserve?
A:one. guarantee the chain rigidity, free scenario must be adjusted to 3-5, a chain wheel suspension observe shall prevail
two. guarantee that the seat 4 screws, and ensure ten times (or function 80 hrs) to beat the butter
3. top silk, conquer butter as soon as a week
Examine the screws between the 4. chains and the chain, examine the screws frequently and hold the screws tight

Brand name: CAT
Model: 320D
Sort: Amphibious Excavator
12 months: 2014
Problem: Used
CZPT: Excellent
Packing: In Bulk or in Container
Port: ZheJiang
Shipping Time: Inside of fifteen days

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Amphibious Excavator Cat 320d with Undercarriage Pontoon