Elevator Compensating Chain Guide Device

Elevator Compensating Chain Guide Device

Description of SN-WFBS CZPT-Wrapped balance compensating chain

Higher qualitychain wrapped with artificial rubber substance

Great and stable efficiency

Versatility, tiny bending diameters, insulation, sturdiness, aging-resistance, can phrase below a vast variety of temperature

Reduced sounds, advisable for elevator velocity under one.75m/s

Specification of elevator compensate chain information unit

Product number OD (mm) Bodyweight(kg/m) Min bending Diameter(mm) Breaking load(≥KN) Max.Hanglength(m)
SN-WFBS-six 6±0.two .92±0.two ≥130 15.sixty three 154
SN-WFBS-seven 7±0.2 1.23±0.two ≥250 eighteen.eighteen 160
SN-WFBS-8 8±0.2 one.49±0.two ≥260 23.sixty eight 162
SN-WFBS-9 9±0.two 1.88±0.two ≥280 29.97 162
SN-WFBS-nine.five nine.5±0.two 2.24±0.two ≥280 33.forty 162
SN-WFBS-10 10±0.5 2.35±0.2 ≥290 37.00 168
SN-WFBS-eleven 11±0.5 two.98±0.two ≥290 forty four.70 a hundred and fifty five
SN-WFBS-12 12±0.five three.24±0.2 ≥300 52.28 168
SN-WFBS-thirteen 13±0.five 3.72±0.2 ≥320 sixty two.60 172
SN-WFBS-14 14±0.five four.46±0.2 ≥320 70.00 160
SN-WFBS-15 15±0.5 5.22±0.2 ≥320 83.twenty five 162
SN-WFBS-16 16±0.5 five.96±0.two ≥340 94.70 162


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Elevator Compensating Chain Guide Device