Elevator Manufacturer in China Hstowercrane

Elevator Manufacturer in China Hstowercrane

CZPT Producer in China hstowercrane


Prominent Features of CZPT Lift 
1. Mast section welded by welding Robot ensures reliable quality and elegant appearance.
two. All the steel structures are processed with blasting technology to remove rust. The adhesion of surface painting is outstanding. 
3. Suspension cage guarding board adopts figured aluminum plate and numerical control punched aluminum plate. The suspension cage is lightweight and artistic in appearance. 
4. Driving mechanism supplied by the professional manufacturer with high efficiency, long service life and stability in performance.
5. Complete set of overload protection devices, variety of limiters and mechanical chain devices ensure its reliability.  Anti-falling safety device adopts SAJ40-1.two, which restricts the excessive downward movement of the cage, preventing and eliminating accidents.
six.CZPT elevator with frequency inverter is safe, stable and comfortable. CZPTting electricity is smaller than working electricity, energy-saving and high efficient.

The Mast part(color is variable or galvanized) is made of seamless pipe.
 (The substantial high quality seamless steel pipe is excellent verticality, anti-strain, anti-growing older, thickness and so on)
Finished basic safety actions
1. Equipped with Anti-falling governor.  
two. CZPTal an Mechanical interlock: CZPT basic safety switches, Slack rope swap.
3. Safety hook.
four. Upper and base restrict switches, trap doorway limit change.
5. Overload protector.
six. Bottom Buffer.
7. Frequency Conversion (Inverter) for decide on.
eight. PLC Handle technique for choose choose.
nine. Level Calling method and Automobile leveling system for choose choose.


hoist with common motor
sort product hoist speed (m/min) rated load capacity (t) counterweight (kg) motor power (kw) notes
single cage-with counterweight SCD100 33 1 550 2*11 one.)cage size can be (l*w*h) 2.5*one.three*2.5m or 3/2*1.three*2.5m or as customer required.  2.)cage door can be wire mesh, aluminium plate  3.)driver cab can be choose or CZPT for saving packing rooms.
SCD120 33 1.two 600 two*eleven
SCD200 34 two a thousand 2*11
single cage-CZPT counterweight SCD100 34 1 / two*eleven
SCD120 33 1.2 / 2*eleven
SCD200 34 two / three*eleven
double cage-with counterweight SCD100 34 2 * 1 2 * 550 2 *2*eleven
SCD120 33 2 * 1.2 2 * 600 two* 2*eleven
SCD200 34 2 * 2  2 * 1000 2* 2*eleven
double cage-CZPT counterweight SCD100 34 2 * 1 / two* 2*eleven
SCD120 33 2 * 1.2 / 2* 2*11
SCD200 34 two* 2 / 2 * 3*eleven
hoist with VFD
type design hoist speed (m/min) rated load capacity (t) motor power (kw) Inverntor power(kw) counterweight (kg) notes
single cage-with counterweight SCDB200 ~sixty three two 2*two*11 37 2*one thousand 1.)cage size can be (l*w*h) 2.5*one.three*2.5m or 3/2*one.3*two.5m or as customer required.  2.)cage door can be wire mesh, aluminium plate  3.)driver cab can be choose or CZPT for saving packing rooms.
single cage-CZPT counterweight SCB100 ~sixty three 1 2*three*11 37 /
SCB200 ~63 two 2*three*eleven 37 /
double cage-with counterweight SCDB100/a hundred ~sixty three 1 2*2*eleven 37 /
SCDB200/200 ~63 1 2*two*11 37 /
double cage-CZPT counterweight SCB100/one hundred ~63 1 two*2*eleven 37 /
SCB200/two hundred ~sixty three one 2*three*11 37 /

Our provider

—-Offering timely shipping, standby engineers are prepared to slove any of your dilemma in time.
—-we provide one years warranty for the metal framework. 
—-Supplying all-embraced warranty of items top quality, worksite installation advice
—-Offering ample spare areas and training of operation and servicing
—-Engineers have far more than 5 years’ expertise.

Elevator Manufacturer in China Hstowercrane