Euro Fence Holland Wire Mesh PVC Coating Galvanized Iron Welded Wire Mesh Animal Netting

Euro Fence Holland Wire Mesh PVC Coating Galvanized Iron Welded Wire Mesh Animal Netting

Creating Substance PVC Coating Galvanized Iron  Welded Wire Mesh

The welded wire mesh is welded by superb lowcarbon steel wires and Passivated and plasticized
by way of cold plating(electroplating), sizzling dipping And PVC plastic coating. With flat floor, even
mesh rely, organization welding, spots and stable structure, it functions its strong completeness, partial excellent
machining efficiency, balance, excellent corrosion resistanceand rush prevention.

Lower Carbon Metal Wire
Stainless Metal Wire
Substantial Good quality Iron Wire

Welded wire mesh have 4 types of product:
elcetro galvanized Welded wire mesh
sizzling dipped galvanized welded wire mesh
PVC coated galvanized welded wire mesh
black wire/ no coated welded wire mesh

Dimensions Specification

Welded Wire Mesh
Specification in British System Specification in Metric System Packing
Width length 3′ X 100′ Width length 0.914mX 30.48m
Width length 4′ X 100′ Width length 1.219mX 1.219m
1″ X  2″ fourteen 25.4mmX 50.8mm 2.10mm 390
one” X 2″ 15 twenty five.4mmX 50.8mm 1.82mm 360
1″ X 2″ sixteen twenty five.4mmX 50.8mm 1.65mm 320
one” X 2″ seventeen twenty five.4mmX 50.8mm one.47mm 310
1″ X 1″ 14 twenty five.4mmX 25.4mm two.10mm 400
1″ X 1″ 15 twenty five.4mmX 25.4mm 1.82mm 370
1″ X 1″ 16 twenty five.4mmX 25.4mm 1.65mm 330
one” X 1″ 17 twenty five.4mmX 25.4mm 1.47mm 320
1″ X 1″ 18 twenty five.4mmX 25.4mm one.24mm 280
1″ X 1″ 19 twenty five.4mmX 25.4mm one.06mm 255
3/4″ X 3/four” 16 19.05mmX 19.05mm 1.65mm 350
3/4″ X 3/4″ seventeen 19.05mmX 19.05mm one.47mm 330
3/four” X 3/four” eighteen 19.05mmX 19.05mm one.24mm 290
3/four” X 3/four” 19 19.05mmX 19.05mm one.06mm 260
three/four” X 3/four” twenty 19.05mmX 19.05mm .88mm 240
1/2″ X 1″ 17 twelve.7mmX 25.4mm one.47mm 335
1/two” X 1″ 18 twelve.7mmX 25.4mm 1.24mm 300
1/2″ X 1″ 19 twelve.7mmX 25.4mm 1.06mm 265
one/2″ X 1/2″ eighteen 12.7mmX 12.7mm 1.24mm 300
1/two” X 1/two” 19 twelve.7mmX 12.7mm one.06mm 275
1/2″ X 1/two” 20 12.7mmX 12.7mm .88mm 250
1/two” X 1/2″ 21 12.7mmX 12.7mm .81mm 230
one/two” X 1/two” 22 12.7mmX 12.7mm .71mm 215
one/4″ X 1/four” 23 6.35mmX 6.35mm .63mm 215
three/8″ X 3/8″ 21 9.35mmX 9.35mm .81mm 250

The welded wire mesh can be used as security fencing, rabbit cage, Cattle fence, poultry cage, egg basket,
passageway rail, waterspout, lobby guardrail, rodentresistant net, mechanical defend, livestock and plants
guardrail and fences, and many others. In business, agriculture, building, transportation and mining industry, etc.

The welded wire mesh can be divided into the chilly-plating and
Submit-weldi wire mesh, the prewelding and chilly-plating wire mesh,
The very hot-galvanizing wire mesh and the plastic-coating wire mesh.

Water-resistant paper internal in rolls, palastic bags outer.


Euro Fence Holland Wire Mesh PVC Coating Galvanized Iron Welded Wire Mesh Animal Netting