Heavy Duty Hc Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Heavy Duty Hc Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Item Description

     CD,MD CZPT Wire rope CZPT is a small-sized lifting gear,which can

be mounted on single beam bridge crane and single beam gantry crane and jib crane.

With Mild weight, tiny measurement, compact composition, stable procedure, etc. ,It can also be

utilised as a winch.

    It is widely used in factories,mines,harbours,warehouses,cargo storage areas and

retailers,crucial in increasing working effectiveness and bettering working circumstances.

     CD CZPT Wire rope CZPT has only a single normal speed,which can satisfy regular


     MD CZPT Wire rope CZPT provides two speeds: normal pace and lower pace.

At a low speed,it can do exact loading and unloading, mounding of sand box,

upkeep of equipment instruments,etc.

     Protection:  Load limter,traversing limter,Lower electric powered energy limiter

CD/MD Model Wire Rope CZPT
Carry capability(T) .five one two 3 five ten 16
Raise Velocity(m/min) eight/.eight 8/.8 8/.8 eight/.8 8/.eight eight/.8 eight/.eight
Traverse speed(m/min) 20 twenty 20 20 20 twenty twenty
Operate responsibility M3 M3 M3 M3 M3 M3 M3

Our business manufactue all varieties model electrical hoist, These kinds of as:


one- CD1/MD1, standard sort, Lifting capacity: .5 – 20 tons

2- HC, standard variety, Lifting capability: 8- 63 tons

three- HB/HBS, Explosion evidence type, Lifting ability: .5- 20tons

4- HY, Smelting type, Lifting capacity: three- 20tons

five- LH, CZPT rails, Lifting capacity: 2- 63tons

6- All versions Stationary sort, foot mounted type hoist, Lifting potential: .five- 63tons,

seven- All models Centre lifting sort, Lifting ability upto 16tons,

8- All types Over-prolonged lifting peak sort, lifting top can upto 120m,

nine- CZPT Chain hoist, Lifting potential: .five – 20tons,

10- All kinds non- regular model hoist according to your true working problems style.


Meanwhile, besides the electrical wire rope hoist, We also manufacture the CZPT girder

winch type,With large functioning duty design and style, M5-M7, Lifting capability upto 660tons

Packaging & Shipping

Our Providers

1. After supply us the prerequisite, the information specialized data and CAD drawing will  

give you in time.

2. Rigid good quality manage technique, supervision the function to guarantee the very best crane for you.

3. Rigid generation line, make positive manufacture the items on time.

four. Ideal cooperation CZPTer supply the soonest and reliable service for our goods.

5. If needed, senior engineers can be your aspect do the set up manual and training.

About CZPT

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Make sure you kindly tell us the subsequent info for your gantry crane inquiry:

1- Lifting Ability ?

2- Lifting height ?

3- Neighborhood Electricity ?


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Heavy Duty Hc Electric Wire Rope Hoist