Heavy Series Forklift Leaf Chain

Heavy Series Forklift Leaf Chain

Hefty Sequence Forklift Leaf Chain (LH0822)

Used solely for lifting apps, mainly located on forklift trucks.


Leaf Chain

Leaf Chain(LH-BL Series)

Leaf Chain(LL Series)

Leaf Chain(AL Series)

Car Parking Chain

Motorcycle Transmission Chain

Sports Motorcycle Chain

Motorcycle Engine Mechanism Chain(Timing Chain)

Silent Motorcycle Chain

Transmission Kit

O/X-Ring Chain

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2.According to customers’ demand.

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JIS Chain No.

Pitch Plates
Plate Depth
Plate Thickness
Pin Diameter Pin Length
Tensile strength
Average tensile strength
Per Meter
P   h2
T d2
Qo q
mm Mm Mm mm mm kN kN Kg/m
AL422 twelve.seven-hundred 2 x 2 ten.40 1.fifty 3.ninety six 7.ninety 14.10 16.90 .39
AL444 4 x 4 fourteen.forty 28.twenty 35.20 .seventy four
AL466 6 x 6 twenty.fifty 42.30 52.70 1.ten
AL522 fifteen.875 2 x 2 twelve.eighty 2.06 5.08 10.30 22.00 27.50 .61
AL544 4 x 4 eighteen.90 44.00 55.00 1.19
AL566 6 x 6 26.ninety 66.00 eighty two.50 1.79
AL622 19.050 2 x 2 15.sixty two.44 five.94 12.forty 37.00 forty four.forty .86
AL644 4 x 4 22.70 64.00 seventy six.80 one.69
AL666 6 x 6 32.forty one hundred and one.00 121.20 2.52
AL822 twenty five.four hundred 2 x 2 twenty.50 three.26 seven.ninety two sixteen.00 56.70 68.sixty one.fifty four
AL844 4 x 4 29.forty 113.40 135.sixty three.00
AL866 6 x 6 42.50 a hundred and seventy.00 202.30 four.46
AL1571 31.750 2 x 2 twenty five.sixty 4.00 nine.fifty three 19.sixty 88.fifty 107.ten two.37
AL1044 4 x 4 35.90 177.00 203.60 4.sixty eight
AL1066 6 x 6 fifty two.30 265.00 315.80 7.00
AL1222 38.one hundred 2 x 2 30.50 4.eighty eleven.ten 24.30 127.00 151.ten three.sixty five
AL1244 4 x 4 43.eighty 254.00 299.70 7.05
AL1266 6 x 6 63.00 381.00 426.3 ten.forty four
AL1422 44.450 2 x 2 36.40 5.sixty five 12.70 28.07 151.23 182.37 4.seventy nine
AL1444 4 x 4 51.thirty 372.70 413.60 10.34
AL1466 6 x 6 seventy four.fifty six 559.00 620.40 fifteen.16
AL1622 fifty.800 2 x 2 41.sixty 6.forty five 14.27 32.ninety four 191.26 231.13 five.ninety eight
AL1644 4 x 4 fifty eight.06 471.00 522.eighty twelve.ninety eight
AL1666 6 x 6 84.forty six 706.00 783.60 19.forty one

Heavy Series Forklift Leaf Chain