Polyester Roundsling Synthetic Round Sling Lifting Sling

Polyester Roundsling   Synthetic Round Sling   Lifting Sling

-Polyester spherical sling to EN 1492-2

CZPT specifications 
-Colour coded in accordance to EN 1492-2 
-Potential stripes&semi each stripe is equal to one tonne capability&period
-The safe operating load is obviously and constantly printed on the sleeve &lparupon request&rpar&period 
-Further powerful PU-impregnated webbing of the sleeve&comma which does not let filth to enter&period 
-Each and every sling is packed in plastic with CE declaration of conformity or Check Certification &lparupon request&rpar&period 

-Low elongation&period  
-Very wear-resistant&period 

-In accordance to CZPT Directive 2006&sol42&solEC&comma EN 1492-2 
-Protection Factor&colon seven&colon1


more kinds&colon

Item Colourcoded
in accordance to
Operating Load Limit with one round sling Operating Load Limit with 2  
round slings
-seven   Straight
raise up to forty five
carry up to forty five
-seven 7-forty five forty five-60 45-60
1&period0 &period8 2&period0 1&period4 1&period0 &period7 &period5 one&period4 1&period12 1&period0 &period8
RSEL-01 WLL 1T 1&period000 800 2&period000 one&period400 1&period000 seven-hundred five hundred 1&period400 1&period120 1&period000 800
RSEL-02 WLL 2T two&period000 one&period600 four&period000 two&period800 two&period000 one&period400 one&period000 2&period800 two&period240 two&period000 one&period600
RSEL-03 WLL 3T 3&period000 2&period400 6&period000 4&period200 3&period000 2&period100 one&period500 four&period200 three&period360 3&period000 2&period400
RSEL-04 WLL 4T four&period000 three&period200 8&period000 five&period600 four&period000 two&period800 2&period000 5&period600 4&period480 four&period000 three&period200
RSEL-05 WLL 5T 5&period000 four&period000 10&period000 seven&period000 5&period000 3&period500 two&period500 7&period000 5&period600 5&period000 4&period000
RSEL-06 WLL 6T 6&period000 4&period800 twelve&period000 8&period400 six&period000 4&period200 3&period000 eight&period400 6&period720 6&period000 four&period800
RSEL-08 WLL 8T eight&period000 6&period400 sixteen&period000 11&period200 eight&period000 five&period600 four&period000 eleven&period200 8&period960 eight&period000 6&period400
RSEL-ten WLL 10T ten&period000 eight&period000 twenty&period000 fourteen&period000 10&period000 seven&period000 5&period000 14&period000 eleven&period200 ten&period000 eight&period000
RSEL-12 WLL 12T twelve&period000 9&period600 24&period000 16&period800 12&period000 8&period400 6&period000 16&period800 thirteen&period400 twelve&period000 nine&period600

Please permit us know the pursuing information just before we could supply cost&colon
1&period of time Potential of spherical sling
2&time period Successful Operating Size of sling
3&time period Your estimated amount

Business info&colon

H-Elevate is an ISO 9001 certified firm by Lloyd’s Sign up and a member of LEEA&lparLifting tools Engineer Association&rpar&interval We provide all varieties of lifting & hoisting tools&comma webbing and round sling&comma ratchet tie down&comma chain and chain sling&comma wire rope and wire rope sling&comma material managing&comma rigging hardware & other merchandise&period of time

Polyester Roundsling   Synthetic Round Sling   Lifting Sling