Nylon Polyester Plastic Chain Steel Conveyor Belts

Nylon Polyester Plastic Chain Steel Conveyor Belts

Nylon polyester steel CZPT belts


CZPT or stainless metal content

Diverse fat, different-section according to consumer creation line connection prepare

Bend or straight sort conveyor


New Inclined Movable Belt CZPT/motorized incline conveyor 

one.OEM accpted we can make goods according to your demands.

two.Substantial top quality solutions and historic status

3.Low price with excellent good quality and substantial performance

four.excellent deal,secure and swift shipping.



New Inclined Movable Belt CZPT/motorized incline conveyor

one.Roller CZPT

two.Inclined CZPT

3.Modular belt CZPT

four.Slat best chain CZPT

five.Spiral CZPT

Various sort of conveyor 

Blow molding equipment

Entire-automatic blow molding machine use FESTO areas It truly is commonly to generate all kinds PET bottles. It can produce .1L -2L bottle with 2 or four, 6 cavity mildew. It is the very best pick for the carbonated, mineral, pesticide, cosmetics, wide-mouth and h2o, oil and other packing container making company.

Water therapy program

Booster pressure pump

Silica sand filter

CZPT Parameter:
Working Temperature five- – forty degree(Special temperature can be CZPT. )
Working filtration pace (m/h) 5- – 12m/h Max. fifteen m/h
Silica sand filter (multi-medium filter)
Mainly utilized for eliminate, water inside suspend, glue physique ect

Energetic carbonated filter

Utilization: Largely used for remove drinking water within smeel, Residual chlorine, chlorine and weighty metallic, reduce coloration and tremendous water high quality.
Sodium iron trade filter
Primarily utilized for eliminate h2o inside of calcium and magnesium
Precision filter
Mostly utilized for drinking water within small purifty

RO one-quality RO
Use: Used for eliminate micro organism, ham organ, remoe heavy metal and salt Adjust drinking water fracture. It is ideal facility, high criterion pure ingesting drinking water. Major design day:

UV sterilizer

Purify water sterilizer: Power offer, pure water, independent source drinking water, meidicine drinking water…

Washing-filling-capping three-IN-1 Device Filling equipment


Whole device clamp bottle bottle neck transport, steadily conveyor reputable, deduce equipment end failure, just want exchange very few exchange elements, can use to multi-type bottle kind productyion prerequisite, ecliminate to abrasion to bottle human body, steadily transportation. Filling method is micro grative variety filling, en-heighten filling speed, filling precision and manufacturing capacity. Capping method undertake to France import that is capture cap, then capping. It is unique for pure h2o filling, whole fracture is new design, sturdy application, secure reputable manipulation, substantial car degree.

Light-weight checker

Usage: For checking if stuffed bottle inside of have impurify

Videojet ink jet printer  

Videojet  ink jet printer is beverage, foodstuff, chemistry, medicine ect market facility. It is videojet one thousand

Series tiny variety videojet super product.

Sleeve labeling equipment

Generation capability: 9000-21000b/h(just take label duration 80mmbottle type 500ml as norm)

Label specification: φ 30~125mm

Bottle &can diameter: φ 28~125mm

Label size: 30~250mm

Label thickness: ≥ .035mm

Label materials: PVC/PET/OPS

Primary machine electrical power: 3KW(220V, 50Hz)

Exterior dimension: 850× 800× 2180mm

WD-150A PE film wrapping device

Facility exterior measurement: L5050× W3300× H2100mm

Wrapping max dimensions: L600× W400× H350mm

Shrinkage movie size: PE, PVC, POF

Shrinkage thermo thickness: .03-.15mm

Thermo shrinkage tunnel temperature: one hundred sixty – 260° Can change at will.

Max output for each minute: 10

Facility energy: 18Kw

True power: 15Kw/h

Pressure prerequisite: 380/220V

Facility weight: 1.2T

Fan equipment: 1.1Kw 2set 380V, 65W 4set 380V

CZPT situation and requirement:

Package type:

(one) 350/five hundred/550/600ml—Four type of package.
Large bag: 4*6, 4*5 Modest bag: three*4, three*five


large bag: 3*3, three*four Small bag, two*two, two*three
4 sort of deal

Item  CZPT parameter
Working position Bottle washing-18,filling-18head,capping-6head
Max capacity 5000-6000b/h (500ml)
Applieed bottle type D=fifty~100mm, H=a hundred and fifty~320mm
Filling type Two time open valve, rated quantity filling
Filling precision ±1mm
Bottle washing time 2s-two.5s
Bottle washing water pressure .two~.25 Mpa
Capping torsion .6~two.8Nm(can adjust)
   Overall size L2520×W2571×H2300(mm)
Facility weight 3500(KG)
Main machine power 3.5KW


Name  Country  Brand name
Water pump       China  Nanfang pump
Main motor Swiss  ABB
PLC Japan  Mitsubishi
Frequency convertor Japan Mitsubishi
Touch screen ZheJiang   WEIVEW
Photocel switch Japan Omron
Approach switch          Japan  Omron
Sensor France Schneider
Contactor France Schneider
Liquid controller          Japan  Omron
Pneumatic component ZheJiang Airtac
Stainless steel 304 2B
Working table board tickness 22mm
U-Bar a hundred and fifty*60 model,. 5mm wall thickness square pipe
Table hole CNC boring
shaft 3A
Filling valve Number controlling machining
Filling tank With sealing design
Liquid sealing head HangCZPT HangCZPT sealer
Filling solid Casting parts
Filling liquid support Drop type
Capping head Computer controlling, thermo treatment, special steel
Capping fix 1pcs, full stainless steel
Capping total form Demote and promote type
Main shaft leak-proof design have

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Nylon Polyester Plastic Chain Steel Conveyor Belts